Thoughts, Principles

The ecosystem made around kubernetes is proving that almost every company will leverage power from the open source softwares directly for their utilites of cloud softwares.

Trust the smart people.

A lot of times people are just too careful. I think its more useful to make things happen and then apologize later than it is to make sure that you dot all your eyes now and then just not get stuff done.

One cool characteristic of a lot of companies that end up being really successful is that they started off as someone trying to make something cool and not someone trying to make a company. ~ mark zukerberg

As technology becomes sort of more generic and less expensive, the leverage point is becomes more in the people. Thats the reason its really important to get the most intelligent people. ~ mark zukerberg.

There’s not much corporate bureaucracy yet. So, I don’t have to waste much time on that. ~ mark zukerberg

A major secret to success is not stopping when you’re tired but rather stopping when you are done.

Waqt har jakham bhar deta hain. ~ Geeta

Time and tide wait for none.

‘A genius is the man who can do the average thing when everyone else around him is losing his mind.’ —Napoleon

‘The key thing is that you must know what you are doing.’ ~ Paras Vashisht.

If you get angry in an argument and want to shout - leave for a few minutes saying „I need some time to think about this.“ Saying sth impulsive will do much more damage than just taking a break for a short time. #Daily #Productivity #Hacks

Continuous working and small 5-10 min breaks works is love.

Don’t use gacp, instead use gac and only once in a day push to github.

Don’t worry about mistakes, just keep making them.

Fail fast, move fast ahead.

You have to solve a problem, you can’t be a problem.

Foucus on one nos coz thats how it internally works, you just need need to align to it mentally.

Om mani padme humm!

Half eyes opened stops the flow of energy. Closing eyes or keeping them open helps energy flow. -OS

Hand holding - extreme helping.

If you dont know how to go through harsh situations well, joyfully, then you will avoid all great possibilities of life, simply bcoz you want to avoid a little bit of difficulty. Only when you are geometrically in a certain state of congruence then you are willing to go through any situation no matter what it is. ~ @Body Postures ~ Sadugru.

Plug this in and keep working 1

Plug this in and keep working 2

Plug this in and keep working 3

Music can heal most harsh, rare and complex socio-mental problems

Winning is the only option.

Microdosing = medicine (theraputic dose of a drug is a medicine)

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.” ― Walt Whitman

“At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a friend, a child, or a parent.” ― Barbara Bush

‘Fear and Learning can’t co-exist!’ ~ Sahil

‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ (KISS)

‘No idea works until you do the work’ ~ Stone Riley

‘Impossible is possile if you try really hard maybe!’

‘Competition leads to conflicts, conflicts leads to clashes, clashes leads to wars!’

Ethics: Continum approach vs. Dictonomy approach in perspective of goodness and being bad.

Practice Rigorous Authenticity, Surrender The Outcome and Do Uncomfortable Work bcoz.

Ye ishq nhi asaan, bas yun smj lijyiye ki aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jana hai! ~ Mirza Galib

Stop trying to control what you can’t control.

Transform all your inner energies into the work efforts is the only way to progress if you are trying to do something big.

Murphy’s Law: If you are not making your future then its eventually it won’t happen at all.

Practise your conversation skills in english with people @ some talking platforms for 1 hour atleast eachday. Apps: Open Talk 1, Open Talk 2

Release DMT via 10 minutes breathing exercise. Visit(time-stamped)

‘Think globally, act locally’ ~ Run your GitHub Actions locally! ~ (23 k Stars)

Plug this and keep working.

Taking 10 minutes break between 2-3 hours of work time is actually about the retention building of what you did and what you are focussing on. It also strethens up your concentration and more importatntly fixes your dropped energy levels which helps you in working of more hours each day with more focus.

Most worthful things in life seems very simple and obvious things you ever achieved and the significant difference how you achieve those worthful things coz thats mostly difficult, harshful and uneasy processes.

Every great artist had one thing in common i.e., relentless hard wordk ~ Raj Sharmani. Relentless means unceasingly intense.

If you are willing enjoy your dreams before thry happen then time is only barrier, and even that keeps diminishing if you work relentlessly.

You can only liberate if you solve your problems ~ Sahil

Repetition is most underrated thing.

I am desensitized to ambiguity in general. LEARN: Desensitized means having been made less sensitive.

The fastest way to learn something is to copy something and understand how it was made. ~ Varun Mayya

Analysis paralysis is an inability to make a decision due to over-thinking a problem.

Play indoor games: Chess, Pictionary, Badminton(LOL).

Adopting the right attitude can convert negative stress into positive one.

Confused ? Da Vincian Technique: Ask yourself a 100 questiong and answer them anytime in the day you want.

Creativity is combining work and fun.

Can we do it or not is not the question. You have to do it.

I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of my Soul.

Don’t confuse education with schooling.

Training doesn’t start until you are exhausted - Master Chung

In marathons - Mile 20 is the starting line of the race.

Some times you win. Sometimes you don’t win. But that’s not the same as losing.

Discipline is about what you want now and what you want most. ~ Allhabadia

I hate waiting on machine, the machine should wait on me ~ Varun mayya

Companies layoff to avoid death spiral ~ Varun Mayya (referring: Skioya Report)

Rust Programming Lanugage - Telegram Channel Works:

Nobody can escape their karmas, not even me. ~Shiva

Employeed don’t leave companies, they leave employers. ~ Marcus Buckingham